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Millefiori - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

New dimensional hand embroidery designs to stitch.

Books by Rosalie Wakefield - Patterns and Innovative Stitch Techniques

for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery


Thank you for dropping by to visit my Millefiori website. We have lots of Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs to stitch, books about Brazilian embroidery stitches and techniques, lots of pictures, and on this page information about our newest embroidery designs.

If you have questions about any of the designs, just open the little "contact" link and drop me a note. This is especially important for Canadian and overseas shoppers who would like to know the correct postage so your orders aren't delayed. I accept PayPal, but customers may also prepay orders with a check in US dollars. 

Here's what's new (please add shipping/the shopping cart will calculate US postage):

Re-release#893 – “My Ship Came In” – a pdf file with traceable pattern, sold retail only. Perfect for tote bags, crazy quilts or wearable items. $10.00

Also: From the book Tropical Flower Garden (which is out of print):

#934 – “Into The Rainforest” – the book’s front cover design includes the fabric print, color photograph and all instructions. LOTS of instructions; all advanced techniques and new flowers. $20.00

#936 – “The Enchanted Jungle” – the back cover design from the book also includes the fabric print, color photo and all instructions with lots of little jungle critters hiding in the foliage. $20.00

#937 – “Circle Sampler” – If you’ve ever wondered how many ways you can embroider a 1” circle, and how many different ways you can arrange these stitches, this is the design you’ll enjoy the most. I thought up 19 of them! $18.00

Favorites, Back in Print:

#962 – “Gingerbread House” – Fabric print, color photo, all instructions. Very tasty holiday stitching!! $12.00

#8004 – “Crystal Springs” – Landscape design is my favorite pastime! This realistic landscape design is filled with dimensional outdoor elements for indoor stitching. Print on blue. $15.00.

#8005 – “Wind Chimes” – Perfect for a small art quilt. Fabric print, photo, all instructions. $15.00

#8007 – “Waltz of the Flowers” – Brings music to your needle – Instructions included for assembling the design on a CD and using as an ornament. Or a gift! – a gift ornament! $12.00

Also Available Now

#9000 – “Ruth’s Farewell” - $15.00.  You’ll find a photo and further information on Ruth’s design page.

#8000 – My Book of Stitches. $30.00. My newest book loaded with dimensional embroidery stitches and techniques and little designs you can use on stitching projects.


"My Book of Stitches"


Rosalie Wakefield



Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch designs inspired by traditional hand embroidery stitches are collected into My Book of Stitches.

Developed from over 200 Millefiori embroidery designs and more than seven of Rosalie Wakefield’s books on Brazilian embroidery including Take A Stitch, a new spin is now added to familiar stitches as hundreds of innovative ideas fill the pages in My Book of Stitches.

This collection of dimensional embroidery ideas is meant to inspire other stitchers toward designing and creativity and may be used on any project – crazy quilts, wearable items or needlework for the home. 

5.5” x 8.5” Coil Binding, 298 pages                                 $30.00, plus shipping                   


Coming Soon:

          Another NEW book filled with all-new flowers using many of the stitches and techniques I’ve developed, but in new ways and with a fresh new look.


While you’re here, we invite you to visit the “Gallery” – See lots of discontinued designs that may pop back into the “Buy Me! Buy Me!” pages at any time.

And before you leave, be sure to visit my Millefiori blog at I have been sharing all of the hints and tips I’ve learned from my fellow stitchers through the years and I also like to add step-by-step tutorials for various works in progress.


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